Motorized Bicycle Chain Tensioner Fits: Zeda Flying Horse Bullet Train BT 80
Motorized Bicycle Chain Tensioner Fits: Zeda Flying Horse Bullet Train BT 80
Motorized Bicycle Chain Tensioner Fits: Zeda Flying Horse Bullet Train BT 80
Motorized Bicycle Chain Tensioner Fits: Zeda Flying Horse Bullet Train BT 80
Motorized Bicycle Chain Tensioner Fits: Zeda Flying Horse Bullet Train BT 80
Motorized Bicycle Chain Tensioner Fits: Zeda Flying Horse Bullet Train BT 80
Motorized Bicycle Chain Tensioner Fits: Zeda Flying Horse Bullet Train BT 80
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Motorized Bicycle Chain Tensioner Fits: Zeda Flying Horse Bullet Train BT 80


    These 2 Stroke Chain tensioners are a must have for amazing reliability less noise, and a smooth ride.

    What you get:
    Chain Tensioner and All Hardware
    Black Guide Wheel
    (x1) Black Chain Tensioner Cover Decal

    We all know it, the stock kit chain tensioners are ugly, loud, need constant adjustment, and are dangerous. See why we offer the best chain tensioner in the world below!

    • This chain tensioner mounts right over your stock clutch cover. This assures that your chain rides perfectly straight to your sprocket without any adjustments. It also makes your tensioner much safer because it cannot get pulled into your spokes at high speeds. Also don't ever worry about scratching your chain stay again!

    • Each tensioner comes with a heavy duty spring giving you the perfect tension. Beware of other spring loaded chain tensioners that come with cheap springs that don't provide enough tension to be safe or reliable.

    • Light weight and strong CNC machined aluminum for superior functionality and style.

    • All our chain tensioners come with smooth radius edges for increased safety and a improved look.

    • All holes come pre countersunk. This adds more style while making sure your pedals clear your clutch cover every time!

    • All our kits come with a colored Guide Wheel of your choice with matching Engine cover decals. Each wheel has been fitted with the highest quality x2 ABEC 7 Bearings. We don't use the stock plastic kit wheel! Our kit makes for a extremely smooth and quiet ride at all speeds while maintaining the least amount of friction for easy pedaling.

    • Our chain tensioners do not have razor sharp edges like our competitors. Ours are CNC made with tons of extra machining for both better looks and function.

    • The wheel arm is lighter, thus faster spring harmonics for less vibration and smoother operation. This makes for perfect tension even at high speeds.

    • Our chain tensioners have curved edges and are thinner for better clearance and dynamite looks.

    • Whether your chain appears to need a tensioner or not, Our advanced tensioner will remove even the smallest imperfections with your chain tension without any added resistance.

    • Also our chain tensioner will not knock off your master link like grooved wheels.

    • Bonus matching engine cover kit included!

    This is the world's best 2 stroke motorized bicycle chain tensioner!


    The chain tensioner is made with the highest quality aluminum available for maximum strength. All hardware is stainless steel to prevent corrosion. Comes with a precision color matching polyurethane guide wheel and x2 Abec 7 bearings for a long lasting smooth operation.


    All hardware included with your purchase! Ready to Install. Includes polyurethane guide wheel with two installed Abec 7 bearings. All allen key bolts are stainless steel. This chain tensioner comes with a black chain tensioner decal and matching guide wheel.


    Each kit comes with full set of instructions along with all the hardware needed.


    Fits the 66cc & 80cc Bullet Train Engine, Motorized Bicycle Engines. Our tensioners already have counter sunk holes so your pedals will never scrape or have clearance problems.


    Q: Do I need a spring loaded chain tensioner?

    A: The stock chain tensioners that come with your motor bicycle kit mount directly to your chain stay and keep your chain tight while riding.  Although you can get these to work, even when there set up correctly they will never give you the maximum safety or reliability. Since they have no spring to keep the perfect tension, the chain can get too tight at spots, and pull the tensioner into your bicycle spokes causing a dangerous crash. Yes, we believe everyone should use our advanced chain tensioner.

    Q: What are the benefits of mounting the chain tensioner to your engine?

    A: If you install the stock chain tensioner on your bicycle you would have probably had to bend it to try to get your chain to ride even to your rear sprocket.  Since our chain tensioners our mounted to your engine it assures that your chain will ride perfectly straight to your drive sprocket without any bending or modification.  No need to ever worry about scratching your chain stay or your chain tensioner getting pulled into your spokes.

    Q: How come your wheels don’t have a groove in them?

    A: Since the chain guide wheel mounts close to your small drive sprocket the chain cannot walk left or right on the wheel.  The stock chain tensioners have grooves because they are usually installed on the center of the chain stay where your chain can walk side to side.  Guide wheels with grooves have been also known to be able to knock your master link off.

    Q: Will your chain tensioner make my bicycle quieter when pedaling?

    A: Yes, our chain tensioners are much quieter when pedaling.  This is because there is always consistent tension that reduces chain vibration. Also our guide wheels are made out of a poly-urethane that doesn’t chatter as the chain rides over the surface.

    Q: Will your advanced chain tensioner make my bike run faster or smoother?

    A: Yes, with the right chain tension your bicycle will ride much smoother at low speeds. Also you could see a slight increase in speed because of our no resistance set up.  If your chain doesn’t get to tight at spots your bicycle engine will not have to work as hard.

    Q: Will my pedals clear the chain tensioner?

    A: Our chain tensioners come with pre countersunk holes for the included bolts. You won’t have any pedal clearance problems after install.




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