Duluth Cycle is dedicated to providing the rider with a superior line of products that perform better than the competition. We provide customers with greater value, and work towards providing solutions where none existed before.

Ease of use is our mission with quality and good rugged looks always in the forefront of our entire line of products, whether it’s a decal kit or an advanced chain tensioner all the way to a complete easy DYI motorized kits. You can always count on Duluth Cycle for exceptional value and customer service.

Duluth Cycle is a division of a USA manufacturing business that has been around since the early 1900s. Duluth Cycle is a family-owned since its inception in 2014 and has enjoyed phenomenal success to date. We manufacture many of the detail components applied to our DYI motorized bike kits in our own plant.

Our motorized bike DYI kits were developed out of need that should become very clear if you take the time to compare our quality and amazing feature set to other bare bones offerings on the market.

Nothing compares to a Duluth Cycle kit or our cool light weight accessories and quality custom components. Duluth Cycle has enjoyed worldwide distribution and testing of our unique products and has strong ongoing partnerships with other quality manufactures.

The word “Duluth” in our name, Duluth Cycle holds a special meaning for us as it represents a northern playground of tough people, tough products and old world craftsmanship.

Duluth is located in Minnesota in the center of clean cool air, endless blue water, thick green forests, wildlife, and amazing trails. It’s the gateway to some of the world’s best scenery to and one of the greatest places to enjoy a motorized bike adventure. Let our staff at

Duluth Cycle and our great customer service staff help you find the freedom you have always dreamed of. Let us ship out your dreams to you today!

As always ride safe, always wear a helmet, safety eyewear, proper protective clothing, always keep it slow, and ride safe!


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