Customize your E-bike with our custom retro style mudflaps, high-def decals, protect your bike's wiring with E-loom, and more. Duluth Cycle products are here for all your E-bike detailing needs.

Bike Suspension Seatpost Bellow


eBike Dolphin Battery Downtube Mount


BBS02 & BBSHD 750 Watt Street Legal & Controller Decal - Multiple Colors


E-Label Ebike DIY Labels for Controller & Wiring Labels Fit Ebike Conversion Kit


Geared Hub Motor eBike Legal Max Wattage Decal Kit 250 - 750 Watts


Pedal Assisted eBike Decal Kit Fits Pedal Assist Electric Bikes 250 - 750 Watts


Bike Anti Theft GPS Security Decal - Stop Bicycle Thieves


Motorcycle & Bicycle SoffCapz Black Allen Head Capscrew Protection Cover Caps


Black EBike HandleBar 5V USB Quick Charger, Adapter, Power Converter for 36V 48V 72V 100V eBike Battery


Motorcycle and Bicycle SoffCapz Black Hexagon Socket Bolt and Nut Protection Cover Caps


18650 Lithium Ion Battery eBike DIY Battery Builder Labels


eSeal, Dolphin eBike Battery 36v 48v 24v Waterproofing Kit /w Button & Keyhole Covers


Metallic Electric Bike Battery Dress Up Decal Kit 17 COLORS


Retro Bicycle Mud Flaps - Quick Install - Two Sizes


BBS02 & BBSHD 750 Watt Street Legal Decal


Springer Forks Vintage-Look 'Peel an Stick' Custom Decal Kit


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