1:64 Scale Duluth Cycle Bicycle Shop Building Kit
1:64 Scale Duluth Cycle Bicycle Shop Building Kit
1:64 Scale Duluth Cycle Bicycle Shop Building Kit
1:64 Scale Duluth Cycle Bicycle Shop Building Kit
1:64 Scale Duluth Cycle Bicycle Shop Building Kit
1:64 Scale Duluth Cycle Bicycle Shop Building Kit
1:64 Scale Duluth Cycle Bicycle Shop Building Kit
1:64 Scale Duluth Cycle Bicycle Shop Building Kit
1:64 Scale Duluth Cycle Bicycle Shop Building Kit
1:64 Scale Duluth Cycle Bicycle Shop Building Kit
1:64 Scale Duluth Cycle Bicycle Shop Building Kit
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1:64 Scale Duluth Cycle Bicycle Shop Building Kit


    These items are NOT made from plastic. They are made from Flexstock - A proprietary coated paper card stock material with detailed photo real HD printing and realistic scale elements. All kits need to be assembled with hot glue and take modeling skills and some patience to build. The results are amazing. No painting is required.

    Special Features of this Particular Kit: This Duluth Cycle kit features: opening doors, photo real illusion rooms, awnings, model people, burnt grass, removable roof, 3D roof vents, model sign, model base with interior flooring, and more!

    Materials Used: These items are NOT made from plastic! It is made from Flexstock, a proprietary card stock material on a mild luster finish with detailed Photo Real elements.

    This Kit Used For: As a 1/64 scale, it's made specifically for HO scale slot car racing tracks, and layouts. Will work great with both permanent and temporary set ups. This is also compatible with all Hot Wheels, Match Box dioramas, and train layouts of this scale.

    Why Photo Real Brand Scale Building: There are many reasons people prefer our kits. One main reason is the level of realism that can be achieved without having to paint your diorama. With our kits you also don’t need to become an expert modeler to build that perfectly finished kit. What’s more, these kits won't break the bank when building a layout, you have better things to spend your money on after all. Another feature people love is the mini opening doors, interior details, illusion rooms. We even include 3 ea. HO scale people and even clump moss for landscaping your model, something other model kits don't do. The base can also be easily cut off if needed once the building is assembled, but our detailed bases are a cool way to detail out your track layout, and just one more advantage of owning a Photo Real model kit! So the question remains, why buy plastic or wood kits that can look fake, are more expensive, and require skilled paint work to even "try” to get them to look halfway realistic! Read on.

    Invented Out Of Need: These amazing build kits were truly invented out of a need by our CEO who wanted cool looking scale buildings, but he had no painting skill or patience to put together expensive plastic kits that looked fake in his opinion. Without any painting skills, he was frustrated. He knew that any model kit on the market would take many hours and would still look fake or worse. They could also be ruined once assembled by his lack of modeler skills and by layer after layer of sticky paint. To top it off he was a picky, unskilled, perfectionist, cheapskate! Then he had an 'aha moment' and the Photo Real line was born. Now even he could put together scale models that had a wow factor with several features that were never available before. He incorporated 3D illusions, interior details, and a photo realistic look, so you to can say, “wow, I built this myself.” Yes, even a skilled veteran modeler will appreciate the level of realism in these models.

    What's Included In This Build Kit: 4 ea. Flexstock Model Sheets, small package of Landscape Clump Moss that is enough to landscape this kit and even includes 3 model people. Any cars and track shown in photos are not included in this kit, sorry.

    Base Size:  10.2" x 7.9"
    Building Foot Print Size:
     4.1" x 9.1"
    Building Height: 3.6"
    Scale: 1:64 HO Slot Car Scale

    How Is It Made: First, we base our kits on the use of real building materials, then photographed and artistically assembled digitally by a highly skilled artist using computer technology and printed in the perfect thickness on High Definition Flexstock cards right here in the US.  We then package it all up with a few goodies and post Euro style instructions online in full color for easy assembly to save you even more money by not having to print expensive instructions and allows us to give you larger color photos.

    How Is It Assembled: Start with our detailed Euro style instructions that are posted online in full color for easy assembly. This allows us freedom for larger full color photos and more detailed trouble free instructions and we pass this cost savings on to you. Assembly is easy, simply cut out components with a sharp scissors, score fold areas lightly with an Exacto knife, then fold scored seams with a straight desk edge. Then assemble the kit using a mini hot glue gun, which are very inexpensive, for instant joints. You’re on your way to owning the most detailed scale building on the market!

    Tools You Need For Assembly: Sharp scissors, sharp xacto knife for scoring, mini hot glue gun, 3 glue sticks, ruler for a straight edge, a few water based markers for touching up scored corners.

    How Strong Are These Kits When Assembled: These finished buildings are very strong and sturdy when assembled. Giving many years of display on your prized track layout. These scale buildings will also not harm or scratch your delicate slot cars or trains when derailed or de-slotted.

    Perfect For: Ages 16 - 110. Not recommended for younger than 16 years of age without adult supervision. This detailed model makes the perfect track side accessory for: all AFX slot car tracks and for all 1/64 HO slot car tracks, layouts, and sets. Specifically Aurora slot car sets, Life like slot car sets, or Racemasters slot car tracks. This Duluth Cycle model kit is even perfect for S-Gauge train layouts. We feel this is by far the most detailed Duluth Cycle kit ever offered for sale! You won’t be disappointed!

    The Brands This Build Kit Is Compatible With: All our model kits of different scales go perfect with, all Lionel track layouts, Lionel trains and Lionel train sets, Lifelike trains and Lifelike Train sets, Lifelike models, Lifelike trains, Lifelike train sets, Woodland Scenic models, Woodland Scenery, Plasticville models, Walthers train sets, Scalextric slot car sets, Carrera slot car sets, SCX slot cars, SCX slot car sets, Monogram Model dioramas, Revell model displays. Detail them out and combine them with accessories such as trains and buildings from Bachmann, Woodland Scenics and Atlas Trains Plus Atlas train sets, Faller trains, Faller Train sets, Faller layouts, just to name a few. These other scale accessories such as our realistic scale signs, HO scale signs, 1/64 scale signs, 1/87 scale signs, HO Real Reflective signs, scale sign posts, and scale fencing all go perfect with the above manufacturers products also. Please Visit the Innovative Hobby Supply Store.

    About The Scale: This kit is specifically for 1/64 scale. Better known as HO Slot Car Scale or Slot Car HO. It is compatible with makes of scale cars like: Johnny Lightning, all Hot Wheels cars, Hotwheel cars, Matchbox Cars and are made for slot racing in HO scale such as AFX Racing, Aurora racing sets or any HO racing sets or HO Cars. Don’t be confused with train HO which is 1/87 scale.

    New Items Coming: Innovative Hobby Supply Inc. is constantly adding to its growing line of new and different hobby products. Check the Innovative Hobby Supply Store.

    Is This Kit Available In Other Scales: Yes or will be soon, just visit the Innovative Hobby Supply Store.

    Who Makes These Build Kits: This model kit is manufactured and designed and distributed by Innovative Hobby Supply, a leading Innovator of hobby products. Our offices and plant are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. Buy with 100 percent confidence.

    Guarantee: We warranty this product for 60 Days with a money back refund or free replacement of damaged components during assembly for any reason. We stand behind our products 100 percent.

    Warning Once You Assemble Our: “Photo Real Scale Building Kit“ and add it to your track layout you will no doubt want more!  

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