How to Protect Your Ebike From the Rain

Is it OK for a bike to get rained on?

Rainy weather is not ok. This includes parts and accessories for your ebike. Fortunately, I have some advice to help keep your ebike components protected from the rain and working properly.


Don’t leave your bike exposed to the elements

Bike storage is the first step. While this can be a lot easier for some people, this can be difficult for others. Whether you are the former or the latter, here are some things to consider.


Moisture is the catalyst for rust or corrosion

Water causes a chemical reaction when left in contact with metal electrical components like the copper in wire or solder on a circuit board. Water reacts with the oxygen in the atmosphere and causes metal electrical components to break down until the connection is broken, rendering your ebike inoperable.


Leaving your bike outdoors is never a good idea

Rust and corrosion not only happens with rain but it can also occur from morning dew. As the temperature changes dramatically from late night to early morning, humidity can cause water intrusion.


Even if you cover it, moisture can still find its way under the cover and stay there longer

The reality is that neither covers nor tarps are not waterproof. A bike cover can also lead to a false sense of security. Contours in your cover can allow water to puddle and spill into openings. Also, changes in temperature can create condensation under the cover.


Check the Weather Radar App

Fortunately, you do not have to be a meteorologist to know when rain is coming. The Weather Radar App has all the features you need.


Weather radar is a great way to check the weather in advance.

First off, the Weather Radar App is free which makes it widely available for anyone with a compatible device. The best way to prevent rain damage to know when the rain will come. Your ebike is an investment, and this is a quick and easy way to protect it.


Rain can come and go very quickly.

Weather patterns can change rapidly and unpredictably. You may experience double-digit changes in a matter of hours. There are advanced options like setting weather alerts for your location. So even checking the weather slips your mind, the app will make sure you and your ebike are not caught unaware.


Weather radar is much more specific than the percentage-based estimates of a simple weather app.

Accurate, reliable weather information is of the utmost importance for ebike users. With hourly and even real-time tracking, the Weather Radar App gives you the most current information. You can select from several key features allowing you to arrange widgets in a way that meets your specific needs.


Install Accessories to Protect Your Bike from Rain

You will also need to keep your ebike protected from the rain when you are not actively riding. After the rain, you will encounter puddles and wet road conditions.


Install fenders and Mudguards and frame protection on your new ride

Fenders and mudguards are protective accessories that keep both you and your bike frame dry. It’s not only rain that you need to be concerned about. Dirt and grime from the ground loosens and gets splashed around as you ride through wet roads.


Fenders and frame protection help keep dirt and moisture off your bike

Your tires rotate when cycling. They grip whatever is on the ground and fling it upwards toward your sensitive electrical components. They act as a canopy for your front wheel. It catches the dirt, dust, gravel, water, and oils.


Mudguards are a great way to keep your butt dry and your bike clean

Mudguards, on the other hand, are installed on your rear tire. They keep your butt dry from the dirt, gravel, water, and oils that fling upwards when riding in wet conditions. The concept of mudguards is the same as fenders.


There are many different mudguards to choose from

As with most accessories, there are a variety of options to choose from. You can find them in different lengths. Several brands offer mudguards. They are typically made of hard plastic or thin aluminum.


You can choose full-length, or clip-on

Both offer the same type of protection. One of the main differences is that full-length obviously provides more protection by covering more of the tire. Clip-on mudguards tend to be short and work best on tires with a smaller diameter.


Full-length mudguards are the most common

Because they offer greater coverage, full-length mudguards are most common among ebike users. A full-length mudguard can virtually eliminate your clothes from being stained and wet from mud and rain.


Our Mudguard/fender products

Fortunately, we have an assortment of fenders and mudguards to fit your needs. Lets take a look at some of the products we offer.


Phantom Fenders

We offer our top-of-the-line Phantom fat-bike fenders for serious riders. These large, durable fenders will keep your ebike protected from grit, grime, and water. Best of all, it can be easily installed in seconds and the only tool you need is pliers.


Ottertail Fenders

Our uniquely designed Ottertail fat bike fenders are lightweight yet rugged. They work great on fat tires and mountain bikes. Our fenders secure tightly and do not rattle loose. You can ride your ebike with the assurance that your back is covered with our fenders!


Featherlight Fenders

Our featherlight fenders are super thin at 15 thousands of an inch! Our unique design also features side flanges for additional support. These fenders are a great addition to any fat-tire ebike. If you are looking for a balance of weight and durability, this is your option.


Retro Mud Flaps

For those that enjoy a more vintage look, we also offer retro mud flaps. Reminisce on the times of beach cruisers and road trips with our classically styled ebike mud flaps. This is a great addition for riders hoping to achieve a mixture of aesthetics and performance.


Protect Your Ebike Electrical Components

Another way to protect our ebike is to weatherproof the various electrical components. Weatherproofing is an additional method to keeps water out besides fenders and mud flaps.


Weatherproof Your Battery

Ebike batteries are typically water-resistant. Waterproof means that your battery case seals enclose it for maximum effectiveness.


Measures To Prevent Water Leakage Use our E-seal kit

We have a great solution to prevent water leakage. Our Dolphin ebike battery waterproofing kit comes equipped with our proprietary tape for seams, and screw hole covers for additional protection. Like our other wonderful products, this e-seal kit can be installed in as little as 5 minutes.


Waterproof Your Controller

There are many different waterproof controller cases on the market. The most common are nylon, zip-up bags that completely enclose the controller. Another option is to simply purchase a waterproof controller.


Measures to Prevent Rain Damage

There are several measure you can take to prevent rain damage. Among them are drying your ebike, draining the water, and cleaning it regularly.


After the Ride

We recommend that you take action immediately after riding your ebike. Do not give rust a chance to form. Prevention is the key.


Rain loosens up oil and debris on the road which will wind up on your bike and in your drivetrain

This is where you need to pay close attention. Contaminants from road conditions get into the nooks and crannies of your ebike. You will need to inspect your ebike thoroughly.


Dry your bike and pay close attention to bolts and the drivetrain

This is the section of your ebike where the gears and chain meet. Moving parts easily build up gunk and debris which impedes performance.


After washing your bike and arriving back home, make sure your bike is completely dry before storing it to avoid rusted bolts and crunchy bearings


If you store your bike before its dry, rust is certain to build up. Rust will cause bolts and bearings to seize which can ruin those parts.


Drain The Bike

Bikes are not waterproof. This means water will seep into the bike and settle in places that you may not see.


A bicycle can be damaged by water

It’s not only electrical parts that can be damaged by water. Any part made of metal can rust. Even the leather on bike seats can be damaged along with the cushion inside them.


To drain a bicycle, remove the seat and seat post

This removes the hidden water you would otherwise miss. Rust not only affects the outside of your bike, but the inside also has the potential to rust. It only takes a few minutes to remove the seat and post. This is an easy fix for water intrusion.


Leave the bicycle upside down for a few hours

Allow gravity to do some of the work. Water always settles to the lowest point. Leaving your bike upside down will ensure the water drains completely.


Re-lubricate the bike

After you bike is dry, re-lubricate all moving parts. It provides an extra layer of protection and lubricated parts work smoother.


Keep Your Bike Clean

Cleanliness is another vital component of protecting your ebike from rain damage.


The first step after riding in the rain is to get your bike clean

The longer you wait to clean your bike, the harder it will be to clean. The last thing you want to do is scrub hardened dirt, grease, and rust from your bike.


Road grime, mud, and other muck that has accumulated on your bike will hold moisture and encourage corrosion

This is why thorough cleaning is necessary. You will need to inspect your bike closely to ensure it’s done properly.


A bucket of warm soapy water and a sponge is the best way to clean out that crud

You do not need special cleaners or harsh chemicals to give your ebike the cleaning it needs. Old fashioned cleaning methods work the best. Keep it simple.


Why should one bother about cleaning it when it would get dirty the next day?

Dirt accumulates from each ride. Once the build-up gets to a certain point, it can impede the normal operation of your ebike.


Clean The Rims

Special attention should given to your rims. They affect stability as you ride.


Riding in the rain can cause your rims to wear out faster

Once rims wear out, you will be forced to replace the whole tire. This can be an expensive part to overlook. The cleaning and maintenance are easy.


Cleaning your rims and brake pads will help them last longer

We’ve talked about your ebike being an investment. Maintenance is key to durability. If you take good care of your ebike it can last for years.


Dry Your Bicycle after Rain and Get It Dry

As every drop has the potential to cause rust, it is imperative that you dry your ebike completely. Give it a second go-around just to double-check. Do not leave any water on your bike.


Clean your bike with a towel and then dry it with a dry towel

This step is simply no need to complicate it. You don’t need to blow it dry with air. Do not leave your ebike outside to dry. Use a towel or rag and get it done quickly and successfully.


Use a car sponge to scrub the bike from the handlebars all the way to the rear wheels

This means a complete scrub down. You do not need an abrasive scrubber. A regular sponge works well if you maintain cleanliness after every ride. Consistency is the key to preventing buildup


Use A Silicone Spray on Other Components

There are several silicone sprays on the market to choose from. By and large, they are very similar or exactly the same.


FAQ Section

Why do you get wetter when I ride your bicycle in the rain compared to pushing it instead?

When you push your bike through the rain, you produce less speed and less friction than riding. When you ride your bike, the tire treads trap water and fling it upwards. The faster you ride, the further the water will travel.


What is a good bicycle suitable for riding in the rain?

When it comes to choosing the best bike for the rain, it is more about the accessories than the brand of bike. The most important accessory is fat tires. Fat tires allow more of the tire’s surface to come in contact with the ground.


How do you protect your bike chain from the rain?

The simplest and most common method is to apply bike chain lube. The lubricant acts as a waterproof layer of protection for your chain. Water comes in contact with the lube and rolls off, sparing metal components.


How to store a bike outside and still avoid rapid decay?

The simplest answer is to completely cover your ebike so no water is able to touch the surface of metal parts and accessories.


If I leave your bike in the rain, how long would it take to develop rust?

Factors such as the type of metal, temperature, and how long your ebike stayed wet determine how long it will take for rust to form.


How do you take care of causing rusting of the bike?

Rust can be scrubbed off with an abrasive brush, cleaning solution, and some elbow grease. Be sure to lubricate the metal to protect it from rusting again.

How do I keep my bike from rusting outside?

Rust is a chemical reaction between oxygen, water, and metal. If you remove any one of those three factors, rust cannot form. If your ebike gets wet, dry it as soon as possible to stop the chemical reaction that leads to rust.


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