How to Prevent Ebike Battery Theft

With ebike use on the rise, so is theft. Some thieves target the small easier to steal components on your ebike, like your battery. A small battery is more concealable than an entire bike, which makes it a common target. There are ways to protect your ebike and its accessories. The New York Times featured a story on the sharp increase in ebike theft. Food delivery drivers were being targeted. For these people, ebike and ebike battery theft can affect their ability to earn a living. Do not become a victim. Learn how to prevent ebike battery theft.

Know the Risk of Ebike Battery Theft

Thieves are everywhere your ebike will be. There is always the threat of theft. There is no guarantee against theft. The key is to stay informed, aware, and secure. The Bicycle Product Suppliers Association recently conducted a study. It showed that bike sales have risen by 80%. Bike thieves can break into any lock. Some of them move with skill and precision. If criminals have access to your ebike, theft is probable. Park your ebike in well lit, visible places and always use at least one lock. Experts say your best bet is to use more than one lock. Your best bet to keeping your ebike battery secure is to take it with you.

Budgeting for Proper eBike Security

The more expensive the bike, the more you should spend on security. You should spend about 15% of your ebike's total cost on security. Use a combination of locking devices. Most thieves have tools for stealing bikes and accessories. Having many devices means thieves will need many tools, which is less likely. If a criminal steals your ebike, there is only a 5% chance of recovery. Think of this topic as a security system for your ebike, not simply a lock and chain. Use all the options at your disposal to create a system that will deter potential thieves.

Camouflage Your eBike So It Looks Like a Standard Book

Some experts have recommended that you camouflage your ebike. The purpose of this tactic is to reduce the risk of theft. It does so by making your ebike appear less valuable. Some people even use duct tape to make it look like the bike will fall apart if used. Another option is to remove stickers or other signs that might signal high-end parts. These things only act as a target for ebike thieves. You can also decorate it with your own stickers to make it easily identifiable. Then there is the option to spray paint your bike to give it a matte finish that does not look new or flashy.

Bring Your eBike Inside If You Can:

Once upon a time, I kept my ebike unchained, outside, on my back patio. I lived in an apartment complex, so it was visible. Two months after my brother gifted me a new bike, someone stole it. Keep your ebike indoors if possible. It is the safest place to have it. Especially if you do not have an adequate place to lock it to. In some places, ebike theft outpaces the theft of standard bikes. If you are not able to keep your bike inside, I have some other suggestions for keeping your ebike theft-proof.

Park Your eBike Under City Lights at Night

A definite advantage over ebike thieves is city lights. Criminals love to operate under the cover of darkness. It is much easier to steal an ebike from a location with low visibility. Pick a spot where city lights can help add a measure of security. Well-lit areas usually have more pedestrian traffic which is also a deterrent to thieves. A well-lit location is the first line of security for your ebike.

How to Prevent Battery Theft?

There is always a way to prevent theft. We have several suggestions for you to choose from. Locking your battery to the frame of your bike is one option we will talk about. We will look at the different types of locks you can buy. Each one has its own details and features. Some prefer the convenient storage capabilities of folding locks. Another option is U locks, which are solid and sturdy. Cable locks are not rigid and can fit in a variety of ways. Chain locks are the original go-to for security. Besides those, you can secure the battery cable lock a nearby object, or install an alarm. First, let us look at locking your battery to the frame.

Lock Your Battery to The Frame

A lot of ebike batteries are simply mounted to the frame with no security device. You do have the option of buying a lock for your battery that attaches to the bike frame. You can buy an ebike battery that comes with a locking device. You can also buy a separate lock core and install it yourself. This type of lock usually comes with a key that is separate from your bike lock. Some ebikes come with the battery core then you buy the appropriate battery. There are several different options and configurations to choose from.

What kind of Bike Locks Should You Buy?

Folding Locks

Folding locks do what they say. This is a great option for someone who seeks to save space. Folding locks use a series of extending, interlocking, plates. This allows a variety of configurations. Folding locks extend in length, and are moldable. When not in use, they can fold into a much smaller size. They work well when you need space to lock your ebike. Locations using large stationary objects like telephone poles. Folding locks can also lock more than one bike and they are easy to carry around due to their compact size. There are a variety of sizes depending on your security needs.

U Locks

U locks are steel and have a bar across the open part, connecting the ends. U locks are rigid and cannot change size, shape, or configuration. This kind of lock will not leave you with much space to use. This lock does not work well with large poles or wide stationary objects. These locks provide adequate protection from theft. They are effective only when used as directed. Both, the rear wheel, and the bike frame must be inside the U shape. It is the quickest and easiest lock to use. These locks come in different thicknesses. The thick the lock, the harder it is to cut or bend. Choose the lock that works best for your intended use.

Cable Bike Lock

Cable bike locks are among the most popular. These types of locks are flexible and take up less room than a U lock but not as compact as a folding lock. There are different lengths and thicknesses to choose from. Cable locks are good for locking up many bikes. The user can lock the wheel to the frame. They work well when you need to lock your bike up to a large or wide object. Unfortunately, cable locks do not have a good reputation for preventing theft. Small bolt cutters can cut these types of locks easily. This is an important consideration when preventing ebike theft.

Chain Locks

Chain locks are the oldest and most common type of bike lock. They are also the cheapest and easiest for thieves to break. Your ebike is an investment, and for that reason, I do not recommend chain locks unless you have no other options. Yet, this type of lock is better than no lock. While chain locks are the least secure, they are also one of the most flexible. You can configure them any way you like. You can lock up many bikes with one lock. They are effective for using large, awkward, stationary objects to secure your ebike. Chains locks are also available in more lengths than other types of locks. Be advised, large chains are heavy and clunky which makes transporting them difficult.

Secure the Battery Cable Lock to The Frame or A Stationary Object

Any type of lock, whether it be folding, U shape, cable, or chain, will only be effective when used as designed. Secure your battery to the actual frame. Again, you can use a battery with a built-in lock. Also, you also want to lock your ebike to a stationary object like a pole. A telephone pole, a bike rack, a signpost, or any other object that is not easily moveable. Do not lock your ebike to an object that thieves can pick up or move. Bike thieves will go to great lengths to steal your property.

Add an Ebike Battery Alarm

A final option is to install an ebike battery alarm. There are several types and features depending on what you choose. Some alarms are audible and will emit a loud tone when tampered with or broken. Others can connect to your phone with an app. Locks with an app may not sound an audible alarm. They can alert your cell phone, so you know the second a thief attempts to steal it. There are also alarms that come with a remote, like what you might expect on a car. Many of these smart locks also come with a GPS tracker, which tells you the location of your stolen bike.


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